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Urban Western

Binx Walton shot by Devyn Galindo for Urban Outfitters Western Collection

Another impressive lookbook from Urban Outfitters (see this white-on-white collection from earlier this summer). Maybe the retailer has traded in it’s saucy sayings (I’m talking to you, “you da ho”), neon mom jeans, and obsession with kittens for a more sophisticated sense of style. Riding on the tails of the western trends of S/S 2014, their latest “Wild West” renewal collection is quite inspiring. The turquoise accessories, the lace +leather pairings, the playful denim…all wonderfully wearable for the summer.  Looks like UO is all grown up and I’ll be damned, maturity suits them.

 Don’t worry, I’m sure the cats will all find happy homes with your offbeat third grade art teacher.

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Bright White


While generally not a huge fan of Urban Outfitters sans the occasional affordable find, the recently released lookbook from the brand was actually quite nice.  An homage to the tradition of summer whites, the clean looks of “Fade to White”are easily replicable and stylish in their simplicity.  Of course, the trends + inspirations aren’t anything particularly new, but the feel for the season is spot on.

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 4.42.55 PM Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 4.43.20 PM

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Bells + Whistles

It is pretty cool that denim diversity has become the new norm in the fashion world.  Yes, there are still dominant trends and certain no-no’s that will always mark the highs and lows of good jeans, but for the most part, anything goes!  Maybe it’s a greater acceptance for the fact that women’s bodies are no longer assumed to be one-size-fits-all, but whatever the reason, it’s a beautiful thing.

This seems to be a relatively new movement in equality in the style sphere; for a long time just a few years ago skinny jeans were the only acceptable silhouette.  Flares were a definite faux-paux; the wide leg look was the ugly fat kid of the bunch.  But like all outcasts, the bell is back to show all the other chumps who’s boss.  Heavily tied to a resurgence in ’60s style that has dominated the fashion world, bell bottoms are all over the runways, everywhere in retailers high and low, and a frequent scene on the street.

Clocking it at only a few inches under six feet, I am thrilled by the shift in the style seas.  This particular cut lengthens the leg and works wonders for people of height.

1. Janis Bells Red Floral Ethnic, 2. Contrast Pieced Flare 3. Sugar High Loved Stoned Hendrix Bells 4. Metallic Lace Bell Bottom