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Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 4

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday…we meet again.  Stuck somewhere between the lost memories of Saturday + Sunday past and those waiting to made in the weekend ahead, you’ve brought on fatigue + foreboding.  Will I ever make it to the week’s end?  With a good, strong dose of creative drinks + stimulating culture, making it to Friday might just be feasible.

With July nearing its final days (sidebar: Noooooooo!), I thought squeezing in some final festivities in honor of the month’s nationwide holiday.  July is National Blueberry Month.  Yes, it’s also National Ice Cream Month, but let’s be honest, we’ve all celebrated that numerous times these past few weeks.  Instead, this week’s helping of cocktail + culture stars the jubilant little berry famous for its minerals + muffins.  Enjoy yourself a Blues-y Tuesday.





Images via freepeople, laylitasrecipes, atelierchristine, willdomedia.  Recipe via laylitasrecipes.

Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 2

It’s that time of week again, a dreadful distance far from Friday with no resounding promise that that weekend will ever come.  Fear not, for here is a daily dose of cocktails + culture to quell those Tuesday blues.

This week was particularly thrilling with the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  I don’t generally consider myself to be a dedicated follower of sports + such, but I love the energy it brings to the streets, to the people, to the whole city.  Everyone comes together to root for their team, finding camaraderie in their fellow fans + initiating friendly feuds of the opposing persuasion.  And the final match between Argentina + Germany certainly generated some cup craziness in the Angeles streets.  In honor of the European victors, this week’s recipe and cultural cues are inspired by the traditions of Germany; a lesson in liquor + lifestyle from Deutschland .  Cheers to the champions!


WEAR///Inspired by the traditional wears of the men + maidens of Germany, the dirndl, the lederhosen, + the alpine hat…suspenders, full skirts, buckles, brimmed hats, corsets, knee-high socks, white lace, black + red, leather shorts, ruffles, clogs.


WATCH/// Bend It Like Beckham, Run Lola Run, Goodbye! Lenin, The Miracle of Bern.



Images via freepeoplesfmoma.  Recipe via food.

Boozy Tuesday


The lingering leftovers of the weekend have most likely dissipated from both muscle + memory as another week passes on and though Tuesday is hardly a stone’s throw from Friday, there’s no reason the wine has to wait.  After all, surviving the midweek straddle warrants a drink.  But on to the booze…

One of my favorite podcasts is The Dinner Party Download, which provides weekly talks + tastes for social gatherings.  During the broadcast, hosts Rico Galiano + Brendan Francis Newnam share a drink recipe inspired by an event that happened on that day in history.  So, in a similar manner, I thought I’d provide a recipe for a cocktail inspired by recent happenings in the here + now, plus a collection of other cultural qualities of that same vein.  This week?  It’s Pamplona’s annual Encierro, or Running of the Bulls.  What began as a traditional celebration of religion has grown into a global gathering of brave-hearted souls worldwide seeking to be apart of the ultimate fiesta.  The less-than-five minute run in which the frenzied bulls charge behind the fearless for 825m has become a nationwide and truly global tradition.  Ole!


Read/// Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf, The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, By the River I Sat Down & Wept by Paulo Coelho, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. 


WEAR///Capes, red, boleros, fringe, shallow fedoras, cropped pants, black, heavy embellishment, caveats, flowing  skirts, billowing sleeves, white workshirts, roses, gold, strong shoulders.



Recipe via onegirlinthekitchen. Images via hm, kiameku onegirlinthekitchen.