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Mind Your Moons


Sunday night.  In general, a time to reflect back on the lackadaisical hours of the weekend passed, savoring the sweet sentiments of get-togethers gone by, friends + family time so deliciously savored, or even just the emptiness of no plans at all.  But Monday has to come eventually.  Another week must begin again, in hopes that the two-day liberation looming ahead brings as much joy as the Saturday + Sunday that came before.  This nostalgic wave of emotions always seems to wash over me in the later hours of Sunday; an eclectic mix of anticipation, melancholy, + relaxation.  The nights, in particular, which is when I tend to mentally prepare for the promises of a new week.  New goals + new hopes.  A new beginning.


This week’s start falls on another beginning as well.  At a recent yoga class, I learned a bit about the meaning of the moons; that is, the significance that the changing phases have.  This weekend fell on a New Moon, when both the sun + moon align, the beginning of a new lunar cycle.  It is believed, according to my yogi instructor, to be a very powerful time for setting intentions, for new starts, for cultivation + manifestation.  Here is the meditation she shared with us for the New Moon:

  1. Identify five intentions for the four weeks to come, no matter the magnitude.
  2. Write them down in a place you’ll remember.
  3. Take a few minutes to really envision yourself achieving these goals; in general, “expressing your wishes to the Universe”.
  4. Revisit the list at the next New Moon to reflect on the happenings of the previous cycle.

Simple enough, right?  And I know I can always use the opportunity to tap into my aspirations, so I think I’ll give it a try.  She closes her practice with “Om Namo Narayani”— Sanskrit for “I surrender to the Divine Mother”, implying a trust that whatever happens is meant to be.


So, in lieu of the customary Sunday night spend folding laundry, catching up on the Netflix queue, + generally staying up later than planned, I think I’ll take some time to set some intentions for the weeks to come.

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