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Taking Back Sundays

The Parisians have it mastered.  The Manhattanites made it cool.  So why have us Angelenos never fully gotten on the Brunch bus?  The reasons are beyond me.  After all, it’s an event that is founded on sleeping in, drinking before noon, and sun-savvy style.  Are we LA natives lacking in affinity for any of three of these things?  I certainly think not.  It’s about time this city got it’s act together and made brunch a weekend non-negotiable.

But first, we drink.  Here are some AM cocktails from around the web to desire + inspire…with a twist.

By Erin GleesonCucumber Sangria, anyone?

TO MAKE: Simply cube the honeydew, combine all the ingredients sans the soda water, chill for a few hours, and when ready to serve, add the seltzer. (via TheForestFeast).

dsafadfHow about a crafty herbal Spritzer?

TO MAKE: First, create a simple syrup with the thyme, water, and sugar by bringing them to a boil in a small saucepan.  Remove from heat and let stew for 20 minutes.  Remove the thyme, add the lemon juice, + allow to coolMix with blackberries, add ice, and top with champagne. (via Anthropologie).


Or for those still craving a caffeine fix…

TO MAKE: Brew + chill coffee, preferably overnight.  In a large glass, pour coffee over ice and add the Frangelico plus desired sweetener.  Stir to combine.  Top with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, + chocolate syrup. (via AveryCooks).

On Waking Up Wednesdays

katie armour

I’m not sure what’s more difficult, finding the gusto to get out of bed in Mondays knowing there are five busy days until my comforter and I are blissfully reunited for hours uninterrupted or waking up midweek  when the daily monotony has already taken it’s toll and it’s still a far cry from TGIF. It’s a tight race but I think Wednesday’s starting to take the lead. There are some days in which even the wafting scent of a robust French roast lacks the power to motivate an effort to rise.

It’s hard times like these – woe is me first-world problems – when a reminder of what’s soon to come is more than necessary.  Thank you, Internet.







All images via katie armour