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Hang Ten


Nothing beats an afternoon snooze.  I don’t care how old you are, naps are a non-negotiable, a treasure of the most tantalizing type, pure heaven on earth.  Unfortunately, they’re a rare treat for most.  Time rarely permits a delectable midday doze and even if, by chance it does, something always seems to appear more pressing.  But on that occasion when you can squeeze in a catnap, wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to do it in one of these?

 A lack of space might confine any hammock hankerings to the imagination, it doesn’t hurt to dream…

Images via planetblue, casavogue, bucca651, want2lol.

Game, Set, Mismatch

I have an unhealthy addiction to all things Anthropologie, like most twenty-something girls my age.    As a sister label of Free People and Urban Outfitters, the URBN family exist as a trio of art brands – UO as maybe Modernism or Dadaism, Free People as Post-Modernism with some definite Arts & Crafts influence, and Anthropologie as the classic and oh-so lovely Venetian school.  Personally, their housewares collections resonate the most with me.   I have, over the years, acquired a full set of mismatched dishes, plates, mugs, and the like. I love the idea of a dinner “set” being defined by its lack of…well…definition.  Every one is unique, and I just picked up a new bowl yesterday to add to the mix.  Though I’d love to someday have one of every design, I doubt I’ll ever have the funds to support such an endeavor.

…So, instead, I’ll drool over th dishes that decorate my dreams, a few of my current favorites…


1.Under the Sun Melamine Dinner Plates 2.Francophile Dinner Plates 3.Sardina Dinner Plate 4. Sissinghurst Castle Dinner Plate

This weekend Anthro had a sale with 20% off all house and home—correction, they are having a sale…good news for my home, bad news for my wallet.  Oh, well.

Check it out here.