Kyoto, Kokomo, Kimono


Kimonos seem to have been a summer staple this year – the silky, the satiny, the fringy, the flowery.  All sorts of the billowing boudoir basic have come en vogue and not a moment too soon.  The floral patterns, the airy yet elegant structure of their design, the  vintage vibe…kimonos are the perfect pick to bring a laid-back look from “beach-bound” to “out on the town”, or any area in between.  Here are a few current favorites…

But in all honesty, I’m too much of a purist to pick my poncho from a mass retailer.  Especially when such a style harkens so strongly to the one-of-a-kind variety.  Enter Etsy seller shevamps.  I don’t know how I stumbled across these, but they are absolutely astonishing.  And the best part is, each one is unique, which is probably the best part.  You can even create a custom order, if you so desire.  Truly beyond beautiful.


You can check out her shop here, and it looks like she’s just recently started a website at

Images via spelldesigns, shevamps.


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