Starry Night


I truly cannot wait for the statement coats of fall, from billowing oversized mohairs to cerulean shearlings, clean-cut cashmeres to pastel parkas…but this is one trend that cannot be rushed. Not until the torturous temperatures of  summer have dropped a few lofty notches on the thermostat (who am I kidding, it’s LA) will this pleasure be primed for the picking. So in the meantime, welcome the warmth in it’s prime, at night. With PM temps towering high, that undeniable urge to sleep under the stars seeps through.  If I could, I’d be three stones throws from metropolia about now. Too bad reality’s got alternate plans.

But I’m not one to throw in the towel…blanket…quite so easily. As part of my efforts to tap into the child within, the latest bought of inspiration felt quite fitting. The challenge? Spend a night beneath the stars. Sounds simple enough. Except I don’t have a backyard. I don’t have a front yard.  I don’t have a rooftop or a balcony or real grass. I am lucky enough in this city to have a tiny ground-floor patio big enough for my pug’s pleasure.  But with a little creativity and a lot of imagination, the space’ll do just fine. And while the constellations may be cloaked by the ambient urban lights, it still evokes enough of that outdoors ease + energy.


Claim a corner of your rooftop.  Find a friend with a balcony + make your singular search a team effort.  Camp out on the hood of your car.  Wiith whatever space you can secure, get out of your bedroom & your comfort zone, to get a tiny tad, closer to the natural world + the free childlike spirit within.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Images via rebloggy.


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