Denim Doing Good


Creativity with a conscience.  Couture with conviction.  Denim doing good. That’s the motto of the Rialto Jean Project.  And while the blending of brands + compassionate causes is nothing new, from —- to the most recent explosion of Tom’s back in 2006, this venture in feel-good fashion is a little more interesting to the eye than canvas flats or red hues. Emerging in 2013 out of the mind + ever-creative hands of Venice’s own Erin Feniger, proceeds fund art therapy programs in Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a cause as creative as the one-of-a-kind repurposed jeans she sells.  And the denim designs are beyond beautiful.






Check out the brand here.


Image via pinterest, rialtojeanproject.


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  3. Nyc

    So buying a pair of Levi jeans from goodwill for 5$ plus adding paint for 20$ means you should charge people 245$.. Which only 5-15% go to charities.. Are you joking? If they actually cared about the kids and weren’t just using them for profit they would give a lot more to charity stop using kids cancer as a use of profit.

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