On Waking Up Wednesdays

katie armour

I’m not sure what’s more difficult, finding the gusto to get out of bed in Mondays knowing there are five busy days until my comforter and I are blissfully reunited for hours uninterrupted or waking up midweek  when the daily monotony has already taken it’s toll and it’s still a far cry from TGIF. It’s a tight race but I think Wednesday’s starting to take the lead. There are some days in which even the wafting scent of a robust French roast lacks the power to motivate an effort to rise.

It’s hard times like these – woe is me first-world problems – when a reminder of what’s soon to come is more than necessary.  Thank you, Internet.







All images via katie armour


  1. I totally get what you mean- there are way too many days in the week in which i just have to drag myself out of the bed! Especially on the mornings when I have to wake at 5:30- those are the worst!
    These pictures you showed us are definitely inspiring- really love the one with pugs! They are the cutest! 🙂


    1. TaraEdie

      Sometimes I wonder just how long I could sleep in for if I really let myself…too tempting to think about. And the pug shot is my favorite, too – I’ve got a little 5 year old of my very own so I have a bit of the pug fever.

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