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All Over It


Love it or hate it, overalls are all over.  From coasting down the catwalks of London, Manhattan, Milan, and Madrid to strutting down the streets of cities far and wide, the farmer-friendly trend is definitely the dressing of choice for the style-savvy these days.  They made their big comeback last year and they’re not seeming to go anywhere – another victory for the ugly-gone-pretty trend.  Honestly?  It weirds me out a little…a lot.  Overalls are not fashion.  They’re what I wore just on the cusp of adolence when I was still playing ponies and wearing pigtails.  They’re the official uniform of Gilbert Grape.  They’re more often than not too saggy, too short, too baggy, and generally just inconvenient.  But…the trend is starting to grow more alluring…if only a little as the street elite prove them, well, pretty.

Images via lyststylecaffeinated, dconcept, kitthis, fashionbombdaily, sunrainey, cosmicsecret, allwomenstalk, justthedesign, atlantic-pacific.