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Boozy Tuesday


The lingering leftovers of the weekend have most likely dissipated from both muscle + memory as another week passes on and though Tuesday is hardly a stone’s throw from Friday, there’s no reason the wine has to wait.  After all, surviving the midweek straddle warrants a drink.  But on to the booze…

One of my favorite podcasts is The Dinner Party Download, which provides weekly talks + tastes for social gatherings.  During the broadcast, hosts Rico Galiano + Brendan Francis Newnam share a drink recipe inspired by an event that happened on that day in history.  So, in a similar manner, I thought I’d provide a recipe for a cocktail inspired by recent happenings in the here + now, plus a collection of other cultural qualities of that same vein.  This week?  It’s Pamplona’s annual Encierro, or Running of the Bulls.  What began as a traditional celebration of religion has grown into a global gathering of brave-hearted souls worldwide seeking to be apart of the ultimate fiesta.  The less-than-five minute run in which the frenzied bulls charge behind the fearless for 825m has become a nationwide and truly global tradition.  Ole!


Read/// Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf, The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, By the River I Sat Down & Wept by Paulo Coelho, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. 


WEAR///Capes, red, boleros, fringe, shallow fedoras, cropped pants, black, heavy embellishment, caveats, flowing  skirts, billowing sleeves, white workshirts, roses, gold, strong shoulders.



Recipe via onegirlinthekitchen. Images via hm, kiameku onegirlinthekitchen.