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Fortress of Solitude


Escaping reality, while less than practical in the long run, can be a much needed reprieve from the tumultuous up’s + down’s of the daily grind. A good book, an riveting movie, an engaging conversation, even, and maybe especially, a little fantasy or two…these are all normal means by which  we can cope with the difficulties + demands of this whole “adulthood” thing. And while these are all good + plenty strategies for taming the beasts of burden, sometimes it’s the whole act of being an adult that causes the strain in the first place. It’s times like these when the well-versed wisdom of your inner child might just do the trick. So, what would that  five-year-old self do?


I challenge you, with every blanket, every pillow, every sheet, sham, and shred of spare fabric at your fingertips, to construct the most fantastical fortress fathomable.  As a kid, forts, tents, + teepees were the greatest escape from bullies to book reports.  Now, bosses may have replaced bullies and budgets, book reports.  But who’s to say your own personal hideaway can’t alleviate the similar sentiments of stress?

Invite your friends.  Light candles.  Stow wine and good books inside.  Suspend reality for a little bit – the child within will thank you.

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