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Brogue Wave

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While the Birkenstock may be, hands feet down, the foreign footwear of choice for summer, changing it up is key. But filling the lofty shoes of the durable, comfortable, + fashionable Birkenstock as the season staple is a hard task to attempt.  But another European-made mule might just be the ideal alternative.


Brogue; a strong outdoor shoe with ornamental perforated patterns in the leather, formerly worn in parts of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

Akin to the oxford (and often confused as such), the brogue is a borrow-from-the-boys alternative to sandals for the warmer days.  And Italian shoemakers – also known as cordwainers, not cobblers – at Anniel have vast collection of unbelievable soft leather loafers.  Their assortment in general is astounding, offering a range of simple classic looks to glittered + gilded variations.  The entire Anniel line  is massive, and their handcrafted, soft-structured shoes provide both fashion + functionality as the brand fuses art + sport.

Because in the end, great style is about keeping people on their toes.

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Garden State


Growing your own greens (+ reds + oranges, for that matter) is one of the basic and yet most rewarding hobbies around.Nothing tastes quite as sweet as a tomato picked right from the vibe.  And watching the mere act of daily watering turn seeds to stems really is exciting.

Beyond that, the pursuits of a horticulturalist are truly grounding, forcing you to reconnect with the simple beauty of life; a crucial reminder that even the smallest + most basic acts affect us. It’s a lesson our mothers taught us from day one, but yet we so frequently sacrifice self-care for survival. It doesn’t take a lot to nourish soul, skin, + everything in between, but there’s always something we can deem more pressing. And so a reminder from a different mother is what we really need to realign our priorities.

But first, we plant.  While it may be well beyond the season for sowing your summer seeds, there’s an entire crop just waiting to be planted for the autumn months ahead. Here’s a handy growing guide of what to plant in July.

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Likewise, apply a good dose of that same kind sentiment inwards. Swap the takeout for a home cooked meal. Meditate. Get an actual eight hours of sleep. A small act can make a mountain of difference.

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Kyoto, Kokomo, Kimono


Kimonos seem to have been a summer staple this year – the silky, the satiny, the fringy, the flowery.  All sorts of the billowing boudoir basic have come en vogue and not a moment too soon.  The floral patterns, the airy yet elegant structure of their design, the  vintage vibe…kimonos are the perfect pick to bring a laid-back look from “beach-bound” to “out on the town”, or any area in between.  Here are a few current favorites…

But in all honesty, I’m too much of a purist to pick my poncho from a mass retailer.  Especially when such a style harkens so strongly to the one-of-a-kind variety.  Enter Etsy seller shevamps.  I don’t know how I stumbled across these, but they are absolutely astonishing.  And the best part is, each one is unique, which is probably the best part.  You can even create a custom order, if you so desire.  Truly beyond beautiful.


You can check out her shop here, and it looks like she’s just recently started a website at

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