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Surya Namaskara


Today marks the first official day of summer. It is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.  While the season of sangria, seashells, and sunburns has only just begun, the days that were once getting longer will now begin to recede into darkness. Yogis believe this day to be a reminder of the balance and harmony in the natural world – the interchange between hours of sun and shade a parallel to our own movements through the light and dark of life.  Not only is it a day to celebrate the sunny, carefree days to come but also to reflect on the idea of living more in equilibrium.


I’m planning to celebrate the day with some outdoor yoga, getting my sun salutations in while there’s still light left.

Images via free people, mayaland.

Lost + Found


It’s here.  It’s overtaken everyone.  And it seems to have stricken the entire population to an precedented degree…wanderlust.


That insatiable urge deep down in your gut.  The longing sense to flee everything and everyone to just find someplace to get lost.  Summer is incomplete without it.  From cross-country road trips to global excursions, it’s all anyone is talking dreaming about.  I am no exception.  The day to day familiarity of life has slowly started to erode at my soul and all I want to do is run.  Until some unexpected miracle is bestowed upon me and I can abandon everything to go find myself abroad, I’ll have to find a way to contain my cravings in the only way I know how – through words.  An imaginative global road trip, so-to-speak.  All the destinations I’d go to if I could.  The possibilities are overwhelmingly endless.  Where would you go?

Wanderlust…be weary, no one is immune.

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