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On Waking Up Wednesdays

katie armour

I’m not sure what’s more difficult, finding the gusto to get out of bed in Mondays knowing there are five busy days until my comforter and I are blissfully reunited for hours uninterrupted or waking up midweek  when the daily monotony has already taken it’s toll and it’s still a far cry from TGIF. It’s a tight race but I think Wednesday’s starting to take the lead. There are some days in which even the wafting scent of a robust French roast lacks the power to motivate an effort to rise.

It’s hard times like these – woe is me first-world problems – when a reminder of what’s soon to come is more than necessary.  Thank you, Internet.







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Bells + Whistles

It is pretty cool that denim diversity has become the new norm in the fashion world.  Yes, there are still dominant trends and certain no-no’s that will always mark the highs and lows of good jeans, but for the most part, anything goes!  Maybe it’s a greater acceptance for the fact that women’s bodies are no longer assumed to be one-size-fits-all, but whatever the reason, it’s a beautiful thing.

This seems to be a relatively new movement in equality in the style sphere; for a long time just a few years ago skinny jeans were the only acceptable silhouette.  Flares were a definite faux-paux; the wide leg look was the ugly fat kid of the bunch.  But like all outcasts, the bell is back to show all the other chumps who’s boss.  Heavily tied to a resurgence in ’60s style that has dominated the fashion world, bell bottoms are all over the runways, everywhere in retailers high and low, and a frequent scene on the street.

Clocking it at only a few inches under six feet, I am thrilled by the shift in the style seas.  This particular cut lengthens the leg and works wonders for people of height.

1. Janis Bells Red Floral Ethnic, 2. Contrast Pieced Flare 3. Sugar High Loved Stoned Hendrix Bells 4. Metallic Lace Bell Bottom