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Grateful Dad

Happy Father’s Day!  Today, my four-pronged family celebrated by spending the morning picnicking in the park. Some homemade cookies, the exchange of gifts + cards, and a few tosses of the ball for good measure. Nothing too lavish or  extravagant, but special in its ordinariness .  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really come to value my relationship with my parents.  It might be lame, but they’re pretty much my best friends.  And not because we share the same bloodline, but because they are actually really amazing people.  My dad, for instance, went to a full-blown music festival last year to see his favorite band, The Dead.

In fact, what better way to honor him than by recognizing, in no particular order and of no particular degree of importance­­, ten awesome things about my dad.

  1. To this day and without hesitation, he will exuberantly skip in the most public of places to inspire a smile (or maybe eve just because).
  2. He had his jaw broken in a fight on the Sleepy Hollow bridge when we was a teenager.
  3. His wardrobe still consists primarily of tye-dye t-shirts.
  4. He has no middle name.
  5. He proposed to my mother in a bowl of black jelly beans, and the two are still the perfect pair nearly 50 years later.
  6. He is an expert in fly-tying, Texas Hold ’em, and the art of losing his keys, wallet, and/or phone at least three times a day.
  7. My knowledge of all the latest TMZ gossip and earthquake occurrences are products of his text messages.
  8. A taste of his guacamole changes lives.
  9. He wrote a song for me and my brother that is, by far, more eloquent and beautiful than any traditional children’s lullaby.
  10. Writing literally saved his life as his ability to type enabled him to avoid front line combat in Vietnam.

And, for good measure, one more I learned today…

11. His favorite cereal is, ironically, Kellogg’s Corn Pops.