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Free People June 2014

Ashamedly, I frequent Free People’s scattered LA retail locations more often than I frequent the grocery store, and the grocery store is actually closer.  So imagine my frustration when nearly two weeks into the month of June, the shops still hadn’t put out their monthly catalog.  Upon speaking with the sales associates in my third attempt to score a copy of my personal style bible, it was revealed that this month’s catalog is solely an online edition.   Bummer for my print collection.

Open Call Photographer

Open Call Model

Open Call Stylist

The cool thing is the publication is a product of a nationwide open call.  Congratulations to the winners — Jens the photographer, Elizabeth the model, and Jill the stylist.  Check out the full range of their fantastic collaborations here.


There’s this brief moment, a span of about fifteen minutes or so on one of those rare days in Los Angeles when the temperature rises into the eighties, the warm winds move just so and the light casts this golden blanket across the horizon. You have to be outside the city to really appreciate it, to really feel the reminder that this place is, after all, a desert. This moment, its this short window of time when everything just feels perfect and as you chase the final moments of sunlight before they disappear behind the hills, you realize you are home.

This city may not be the most romantic or most breathtaking. It may not have centuries of history in it’s roots or landmarks worthy of an entire 36 frames. Hell, a street sans traffic is a thing of beauty here. But it’s those special moments that make me grateful to be here, to be of here.