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By The Boardwalk

Los Angeles is a love/hate city. Love the weather, hate the traffic. Love the laid back attitude, hate the pretension. Love the tacos, hate the pizza. The list goes on and on (see this  article by Joseph Gordon-Levitt on trying to embrace his inner Angeleno). But because summer is this city’s season to shine and, after all, as Bethany Cosentino so eloquently put it, “we’ve got the ocean, we’ve got the babes, we’ve got the sun, we’ve got the waves”, let’s focus on the positives. And one of those just happens to be the annual Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier.


In short, it’s a series of outdoor concerts by the beach for free. It’s like LA’s equivalent to the rooftop parties of Brooklyn, like a tiny taste of Coachella circa 2001 when it truly was about  sights + sounds rather than seen or be seen.  Folks young + old migrate to the coast as the sun casts rich copper light over the sea, signally the near-end to another work week. From indie rock to Arabic electro (yes, there is such a thing), previous years have included such acts as Haim, Best Coast, Patti Smith, No Age, Surfer Blood, Dawes, Joan Baez, and many more.  The lineup for this season also features some names of note.  Opening the season tomorrow are Cults, and later in the season on the 24th, Cayucas + Papa.

Whether you’re living the LA life or not, its events like these that are prime opportunities for savoring summer + reconnecting with your local community.  And nearly every city has them – community sponsored gatherings that, no matter where you call home, make you grateful to have one.

Image via pistollake.

Boycott the Blockbuster


Action-packed plot lines, million dollar budgets, and industry icons by the bounty. These are the films currently populating the theaters as of late. Award season has long passed and the film festival circuit doesn’t begin to get going until the warmer days have begun to pass.  For some, the big flicks don’t strike a particularly resonate chord;  an hour and a half of air conditioned entertainment no longer seems a suitable swap for the blistering heat. Luckily, just off the heels of Cannes, there are some artsy + indie, foreign + fascinating films to suit your taste.


Here are a few definitely worth checking out…

Boyhood; Richard Linklater (of the Before Sunrise franchise) spent 12 years making this epic film about a young boy growing up from the ages of 6 to 18. The cast (which includes Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette) got together once a year to shoot–and as a result, you get to watch the characters/actors literally grow up on screen.

A Coffee in Berlin; Jan Ole Gerster’s wry and vibrant feature debut A Coffee in Berlin, which swept the 2013 German Oscar Awards, paints a day in the life of Niko, a twenty-something wanderincollege dropout going nowhere fast.

Happy Christmas; Anna Kendrick stars as a lost twenty-something who moves in with her older brother and his family…before getting involved with the local pot dealer. Lena Dunham plays her best friend, and the whole thing promises to be as funny and real as you’d expect from the director of last year’s stellar Drinking Buddies.

Begin Again;From the director of Once comes this story of a singer-songwriter (Keira Knightley) and a down-on-his-luck record executive (Mark Ruffalo) who come together in New York City to make an album. Kiera Knighley singing + playing guitar are definitely worth the trip!

Wish I Was Here; Another Zach Braff creation from the mind that gave us Garden State.  This similarly artsy flick tells the story of an out-of-work actor struggling to keep him family afloat.

Mood Indigo; Michel Gondry (the writer/director behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep) teams up with actress Audrey Tautou for this dreamy, surreal movie about a woman with a flower growing inside her lungs.

Frank; Michael Fassbender plays the lead in this dark, quirky comedy about a slightly off rock star who wears a giant papier-mâché head at all times.

Urban Native

As an Apparel Design & Merchandising student, I have had the great fortune of meeting a diversity of talented and creative people in all areas of the style spectrum.  This past year, one of these individuals was Ashlee Norman, a hair stylist…nay, hair genius based in Valencia, California.  A few months ago, she graciously asked me to be her hair model for a competition initiated by Wella Professionals and their 2014 S/S Trend Vision called “Urban Native”.  As I plan my next trip up to her salon, fond memories of our shoot fill my head.  These were the images and looks that defined the collection.




Urban Native; A new tribe of people with a relaxed energy and natural grace have de-cluttered, slowed down and combined nature and city-life to live in a more satisfying turned-on now.


Images via Wella Professionals

Ashlee spent an entire Sunday back in May transforming my lack of a look into an incredible interpretation of this vision by Wella.  The result was a complete transformation that I will always be grateful for.  And plan to recreate very soon.

Here’s the “before”…


…and the “After”…

4-20-14 (4 of 7)


To see Ashlee’s work, click here.