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The key to any good outfit lies in the accessories.  The wrong ring, a misplaced muffler, an off-hue shoe, and an entire ensemble becomes fodder for the fashion squad.  I jest, but so much can be said in the details of a day’s dress.  And while us female folk have the prime pickings when it comes to ensemble embellishments, sometimes it’s better to borrow from the boys.  After all, you know what they say about greener pastures…


So here’s to the style of suspenders, a look for all my britches + pantyhoes.

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Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 6


This week’s Tuesday toast falls right at the peak of a mega meteor marathon, making it just the stellar spectacle that begs for some booze . The early weeks of August are an astronomer’s delight as the annual Perseid Meteor Shower falls into orbit, scattering shooting stars by the bounty. A pitcher of Stargazer’s Sangria and the appropriate cinema, sounds, and styles for an evening under the stars are certainly in order…the perfect celebration of sunmer’s dwindling days. So craft this cocktail, get cozy, and make a multitude of wishes on the surplus of shooting stars you’ll spot overhead.

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Warm Weather Leather: How To


The heat is on here in Southern California.  For once, our summer sun seems to be on par with those of the north-eastern variety.  Usually by late summer, overly eager + utterly impatient style savants have grown bored with cut-offs + crop top , leaving them behind in the wake of fall’s new fashions.  While Manhattanites, Bostonians,  + the like are at the mercy of the heat when it comes to switching seasons, we California folk are (usually) blessed enough to ease into autumn whenever we please.  But for some reason – thanks a lot global warming – our summer is as hot + humid as the rest of ’em. So adopting the looks of next season seems absurd…

Yet the diehard + dedicated of the fashion world would do anything for their wearables.  Even dare to dabble in leather.  Here are a few ways to practice the fine art of warm-weather leather.


1. Play with color.  While shades of black + brown are always a classic look, hides hued in a wide assortment of color are the ultimate statement pieces.  And the color shades give leather looks a more seasonable feel.

2. A little goes a long way.  No one would be caught dead clad head to heel in leather in August, no matter where you live.  Accessories provide a great way to include leather in your look without suffering for style.


3. Experiment with silhouettes + structure. Think leather and immediately the classic biker jacket comes to mind.  But a daring dose of non-traditional styles done in hide can be a huge hit.  Shorts, skirts, minidresses, tanks…those dime-a-dozen staples are something brand new through a simple textile transformation.

4. Think outside the box.  A burly, boyish leather jacket with a light + white dainty day dress? Check.  Over the knee, ultra tall suede boots + shorts?  Check.


5. Invest.  Let’s be real…most people can’t splurge on new suede often.  And leather ain’t cheap.  So choosing your hides wisely is key.  Certain key piece will not only perpetuate a smooth sail into autumn, but stand as timeless wardrobe classics.  Think vests, boots, moto jackets, etc.

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