• Braided + Upgraded


    Braids are the summer style staple for taming those tempestuous tendrils.  And the messier the better.  Not necessarily by choice but by the sheer fact that who has time to fight flyaways + fight frizz amidst the elements of outdoor play.  But, if you ask me, the plaited ‘do has been around for a long… Read More

  • Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 5


    August has finally arrived, signally the slow + ever so sad decline of summer.  So as the first Tuesday of this new month rolls around, let’s celebrate rather than sulk, with a custom cocktail and the appropriate accoutrements. Thirty-one dreamy days of this summer month lie ahead (or did, at the start).  Originally, the month was intended to have… Read More

  • Blank White Canvas


        “Your mind is the canvas upon which you are the artist. What will you paint on your canvas today? Will you draw a stick figure or create a masterpiece…?”  James A. Murphy A classic white tee is like an artist’s blank canvas; unaltered, unassuming, unlimited.  It’s possibilities are endless, and in such simplicity, so much can… Read More

  • Hang Ten

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    Nothing beats an afternoon snooze.  I don’t care how old you are, naps are a non-negotiable, a treasure of the most tantalizing type, pure heaven on earth.  Unfortunately, they’re a rare treat for most.  Time rarely permits a delectable midday doze and even if, by chance it does, something always seems to appear more pressing.  But on that occasion… Read More

  • Brawn, Brains, + Beauty

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    Bare bones + bad health are well beyond passe.  Show me a strong woman any day of the week + I’ll show you the definition of true beauty.  So what better way to salute ours sisters of strength than through our threads.  All hail the glorious muscle tee.  Images via spell&thegypsy, tumblr.

  • Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 4


    Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday…we meet again.  Stuck somewhere between the lost memories of Saturday + Sunday past and those waiting to made in the weekend ahead, you’ve brought on fatigue + foreboding.  Will I ever make it to the week’s end?  With a good, strong dose of creative drinks + stimulating culture, making it to Friday might just be feasible. With July nearing its… Read More

  • Mind Your Moons

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    Sunday night.  In general, a time to reflect back on the lackadaisical hours of the weekend passed, savoring the sweet sentiments of get-togethers gone by, friends + family time so deliciously savored, or even just the emptiness of no plans at all.  But Monday has to come eventually.  Another week must begin again, in hopes that the two-day liberation looming… Read More

  • Brogue Wave

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    While the Birkenstock may be, hands feet down, the foreign footwear of choice for summer, changing it up is key. But filling the lofty shoes of the durable, comfortable, + fashionable Birkenstock as the season staple is a hard task to attempt.  But another European-made mule might just be the ideal alternative. Brogue; a strong outdoor shoe with ornamental perforated patterns in the leather, formerly… Read More

  • Garden State

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    Growing your own greens (+ reds + oranges, for that matter) is one of the basic and yet most rewarding hobbies around.Nothing tastes quite as sweet as a tomato picked right from the vibe.  And watching the mere act of daily watering turn seeds to stems really is exciting. Beyond that, the pursuits of a… Read More