• Life, Or Some S— Like It

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    Few podcasts have been able to make the leap from indie obsession to achieve mainstream mass success. But 2013’s Serial by This American Life was able to do just that. The concept was simple: investigate a murder that just didn’t add up. A high school teenager was murdered in Baltimore, her jealous ex-boyfriend the only… Read More

  • Peer Pressure

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    Summer. As much as I scoff at the city’s most beloved season – what with its stifling heat (and no A/C), excessive tourists, and the resultant inability to drive just about anywhere – there’s a small part of me that, all pretension aside, secretly loves summer. Maybe its the residual feelings of being a student set free for three months. Or… Read More

  • Cursive Comeback

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    There’s nothing quite like the unique nature of the handwritten note. Sure, texts are quick and emails more convenient, but the extra few minutes and thought that go into an act of actual ink on paper make a world of difference to the reader and receiver. Yet in this day and age, it’s rare anyone… Read More

  • Golden Slumbers

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    Chai-onara! Tea you later! Kiss your chamomile goodbye and embrace a new nightcap. Turmeric is the superstar spice of the moment that wards off inflation, fights pain and arthritis, detoxes the blood, cleanses the liver, and provides a great immunity boost. And one of the most popular ways to enjoy these benefits is by the… Read More

  • Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 7

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    It’s that time again (and I don’t just mean the liquor-loving blues-be-gone Boozy Tuesday to ease your mid-week melancholia). Back-to-school season. From crayons to calculus, brown bag lunches to books, backpacks, and binders, it’s enough overwhelm to send anyone to the bar. So, to ease your educational woes, this week’s creative cocktail is a tipsy… Read More

  • Brooklyn’s Best

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    One of the greatest things about summers in New York (and summer tends to extend far beyond the bounds of Labor Day) are the rooftop soirees that arise when the sun sets and the urbanites collectively exhale into somewhat manageable temperatures. In fact, the stifling heat that was suffocating merely hours prior is now happily… Read More

  • Taking Back Sundays

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    The Parisians have it mastered.  The Manhattanites made it cool.  So why have us Angelenos never fully gotten on the Brunch bus?  The reasons are beyond me.  After all, it’s an event that is founded on sleeping in, drinking before noon, and sun-savvy style.  Are we LA natives lacking in affinity for any of three of these things?  I certainly think… Read More

  • Boozy Tueday, Vol. 7

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    Once again we stroll (or likely stumble) into another Tuesday as time ticks ever nearer towards the close of summer. Sad as it may be, fall has it’s own delicious festivities (+ fashions) in store. But while summer’s still here, let’s savor the season in all it’s glory. And I mean so quite literally, as… Read More

  • Suspended


    The key to any good outfit lies in the accessories.  The wrong ring, a misplaced muffler, an off-hue shoe, and an entire ensemble becomes fodder for the fashion squad.  I jest, but so much can be said in the details of a day’s dress.  And while us female folk have the prime pickings when it comes to ensemble embellishments, sometimes… Read More