Kyoto, Kokomo, Kimono


Kimonos seem to have been a summer staple this year – the silky, the satiny, the fringy, the flowery.  All sorts of the billowing boudoir basic have come en vogue and not a moment too soon.  The floral patterns, the airy yet elegant structure of their design, the  vintage vibe…kimonos are the perfect pick to bring a laid-back look from “beach-bound” to “out on the town”, or any area in between.  Here are a few current favorites…

But in all honesty, I’m too much of a purist to pick my poncho from a mass retailer.  Especially when such a style harkens so strongly to the one-of-a-kind variety.  Enter Etsy seller shevamps.  I don’t know how I stumbled across these, but they are absolutely astonishing.  And the best part is, each one is unique, which is probably the best part.  You can even create a custom order, if you so desire.  Truly beyond beautiful.


You can check out her shop here, and it looks like she’s just recently started a website at

Images via spelldesigns, shevamps.

Boozy Tuesday, Vol. 3

Here we are again, another Tuesday.  And while that means high time for tacos in some parts of town, around here its all about the tequila, tonic, + tanqueray.  Yep, it’s Boozy Tuesday, where your cocktails are served with a great big garnish of global culture.  While last week was World Cup worthy, it seemed only fitting that this week we went even bigger.  And what could be greater than global? Astronomical.  This past Sunday marked the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11 and that giant leap for mankind as the first footprints were left on the moon.  So this week, we’re getting a little looney with moonshine, melodies, + more that are out of this world.




Recipe adapted from addicted2diy.

Fries With That

Maybe it’s all the hot dogs + backyard BBQ’s or just the sheer exhaustion of reading post after post about “white on white”, but I am craving color.  And not just any hue, mind you.  I’m in the mood for mustard.






…And a recipe for homemade mustard, to top things off…


Images via lefashionallthingsstylishnestprettythings, missinspirationstudios, bloomingdales, static.heels, evermine.  Recipe via evermine.